[discuss] Call to 1net community - Shape IGF Best Practices!

Constance Bommelaer bommelaer at isoc.org
Fri Aug 22 11:05:55 UTC 2014

Dear 1net colleagues and experts,

This is to inform you that the IGF Secretariat just issued a call for comments on the draft IGF Best Practices. All stakeholders are invited to provide input by by 5 September 2014 on the following themes:
1.     Developing meaningful multistakeholder participation mechanisms<http://review.intgovforum.org/igf2014/best-practices/developing-meaningful-multistakeholder-participation-mechanisms/>
2.     Regulation and mitigation of unwanted communications (e.g. "spam")<http://review.intgovforum.org/igf2014/best-practices/regulation-and-mitigation-of-unwanted-communications/>
3.     Establishing and supporting Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) for Internet security<http://review.intgovforum.org/igf2014/best-practices/establishing-and-supporting-computer-emergency-response-teams-certs-for-internet-security/>
4.     Creating an enabling environment for the development of local content<http://review.intgovforum.org/igf2014/best-practices/creating-an-enabling-environment-for-the-development-of-local-content/>
5.     Best practices for online child protection<http://review.intgovforum.org/igf2014/best-practices/best-practices-for-online-child-protection/>

You can also explore resources for each issue (lead experts, background documentation, etc.), available on the IGF Best Practices homepage: http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/best-practice-forums

We encourage you to take an active part in this opportunity to shape concrete outcomes of IGF 2014!

About the process:
Over the past weeks, communities gathering experts from government, business, Civil Society, and the academic and technical communities, have been working through open mailing lists and online virtual meetings on IGF Best Practices.

The discussion was documented by independent experts that will feed into five 90 minute Forums in Istanbul<http://igf2014.sched.org/type/best+practice+forum#.U_cJrUgb5aU> and that will in turn report into a Best Practices Main Session.  A summary booklet on each Best Practices theme is the intended outcome. The drafts are open for comments until 5 September and will be published after the IGF 2014 meeting.

Read more about the IGF: http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/

Please spread the word through your networks!

Best regards,

Constance Bommelaer
Senior Director, Global Policy Partnerships
The Internet Society

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