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Mon Aug 25 23:26:50 UTC 2014

The Internet Governance Civil Society Co-ordination Group (CSCG) would like to announce the addition of new members and the reappointment of an independent chairperson.

Formed in 2013 in response to the need for civil society groups to work more closely together, particularly on appointing representatives  to outside bodies, the founding members of this “coalition of coalitions” were

·         Internet Governance Caucus, an organisation with over 200 organisational and individual members founded in 2004 to specifically address emerging internet governance issues. Represented by Dr Mawaki Chango, Co-Coordinator

·         Association for Progressive Communications,  an international membership-based network founded in 1990 who work together in using ICTs to empower and support others to build strategic communities and promote easy and affordable access to a free and open internet. Represented by Chat Garcia Ramilo, Deputy Executive Director

·         Best Bits, a network of civil society organisations from across the world, who come together to share and collaborate on individual and joint initiatives in support of human rights and other broadly shared civil society interests in Internet governance. Represented by Jeremy Malcolm, Steering Committee member.

·         The Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group, (NCSG) an organization of more than 400 non-commercial organizations and individuals who develop Internet policy through participation in ICANN's policy development process.  NCSG promotes noncommercial interests in the formulation of ICANN policy including human rights, academic, development, educational, and cultural interests.  Represented by Robin Gross, NCSG Executive Committee

·         Diplo Foundation, which has a focus on assisting participants from small and developing states to build the capacity to engage effectively in Internet Governance and diplomacy. Since 2003, Diplo’s Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme (IGCBP) has involved over 1500 professionals and activists from 163 states. Diplo Foundation is represented by Ginger (Virginia) Paque,  Internet Governance Programmes.

The new members announced today are

·         Just Net Coalition, formed in 2014, a global coalition with specific interests in democracy, human rights and social justice. Represented by Norbert Bollow, Co-convenor

·         Civicus, a global civil society alliance with over 1000 members in 120 countries. Represented by Mandeep Tiwana, Head of Policy and Research

The newly expanded group announced as its first task the reappointment of Ian Peter as independent chair, with a term expiring in September 2016. Ian Peter has been involved in internet public access initiatives for over 25 years with various civil society organisations and was approached to be the first independent chairperson when CSCG was formed in 2013.

“I am honoured to be able to work with such a group of representative civil society bodies”, Ian Peter stated. “My aim in facilitating decision making with CSCG will be to ensure that the diverse range of voices and perspectives within civil society are heard, respected, and represented, and that civil society works together to advance its causes in the internet governance area”.

CSCG sees its primary role as ensuring a co-ordinated civil society response and conduit when it comes to making civil society appointments to outside bodies (such as IGF, NetMundial, and 1Net). It does not see itself as a policy making body. Further developments are expected in coming months as the expanded group begins to address a range of issues where civil society presence and effectiveness can be enhanced.

CSCG can be contacted initially through cscg at internetgov-cs.org

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