[discuss] Boundaries and sovereignty

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Tue Feb 4 16:42:26 UTC 2014

At 18:36 03/02/2014, John Curran wrote:
>If I understand you correctly, you seek the freedom from artificial 
>constraints such
>that you can use the existing DNS technology to run a completely 
>independent namespace,
>with those other participants who wish to join,  via a set of 
>namespace rules that
>your collective community establishes...  Is this correct?

No. I am not a freedom fighter, I am an architectonician (who knows 
that things work better among people when people are respected) and a user.

Freedom of speach implies that people decide the words they use to 
designate things in their language, along a common syntax. In so 
doing they build a name space on a multistakeholder basis. The only 
constraints we put in the digisphere name space were about 
country/network designation (ISO 3166 and X.121). This was enough for 
the catenet internetting. This is what the DNS claims to support, and 
therefore what everyone can play with.

In the DNS host designation case people meet two constraints:

1. IANA. If you want other to know your "internet alias" you need to 
be in a directory the other know. This is the case of the IANA. The 
way it is presented, leads to an under use of the DNS capabilities, 
at a cost [money and trust] that may become unbearable because it 
restricts innovation and sovereignties.

2. technology. If you want to fully use the technology's promises, it 
is better to check first it is well designed.

What I want is:

1. check if the technology is designed according to the RFCs before 
we meet a real problem, the day everyone wants to plainly use it (for 
the time being a few does it).

2. make technically sure that the day the people start doing it, they 
have appropriate solutions, in order to reduce the transition instability.

Then what people do with it, now, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow 
is not my cup of tea.

What is my cup of tea is when one tells people fairy tales, one 
creates the risk they over react the day they discover the thruth, 
like with Snowden. This would create me a problem. We are many people 
round the world whose life (business) depends on our domain names, 
who would be hurt if the ICROWN was bluntly beheaded.

I want to smooth the end of the ICANN saga and make sure I and my 
fellow IUsers survive to it (and do not lose too much money, my DN 
renting [to who???] budget being not negligible).



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