[discuss] Possible approaches to solving "problem no. 1"

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Mon Feb 17 15:59:04 UTC 2014

This would only call for ISO 3166

1) issuing multicodes in the nationally acknowldged normative languages
2) ony use IDNA code points
3) for countries, territories, administrative regions
4) and its list of acknowledged normative languages.

This is where a VGNIC MS governance (enhanced cooperation) could 
bring a response: ICANN is a member of the ISO 3166/MA: it could 
represent the VGNICs community there. One likely VGNIC candidate is 
GS1 which has close ties with Fadi Chehade. This might help?

Anyway, I understand that the EZOP designers will need such a 
country,  administrative, language and namespace class table?


At 02:56 17/02/2014, Keith Davidson wrote:
>From: Keith Davidson <keith at internetnz.net.nz>
>To: Steve Crocker <steve at shinkuro.com>
>Cc: discuss at 1net.org
>Subject: Re: [discuss] Possible approaches to solving "problem no. 1"
>On 17/02/2014 2:47 p.m., Steve Crocker wrote:
>>>Actually the discussion does raise some interesting aspects, 
>>>particularly in the new gTLD environment. There are a good many ...
>>Meanwhile, additional ccTLDs have been created for 
>>IDN-ccTLDs.  That's probably not exactly what you have in mind, but 
>>it touches on your idea.
>Agreed, that the IDN ccTLDs created on the fasttrack were subject to 
>the RFC1591 requirements only, considerably simpler / cheaper / 
>quicker than the ICANN gTLD process. Which does prove that ICANN can 
>accept new non-ISO-3166 ccTLD applications (and RFC1591 determined 
>that the ISO-3166 list was the one to be used for delegations of 
>ccTLDs). Which leads the way to the interesting possibility that 
>aspiring gTLDs could use RFC1591 instead of the ICANN gTLD process - 
>which might be relevant to territories, regions or sub-regions that 
>are not recognised on ISO-3166. For example, the Oceania region 
>might apply for .oceania...

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