[discuss] Possible approaches to solving "problem no. 1"

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Thu Feb 20 23:47:41 UTC 2014

At 23:07 20/02/2014, Shatan, Gregory S. wrote:
>Understood – I am put in mind of protests at varrious G8 and G20 
>summits, etc. against “globalization” as such.  That still 
>doesn’t equal USG/NSA control (not saying that is your position, Ian).

Good that you accept that point.

Now, the problem is that for many Americans, Snowden is a trauma. So 
you are obsessed by surveillance. Keep cool. There are NSAs in every country.

What Snowden realy means for the Govs 
(politicians/militaries/economists) is that he has shown the 
technical vulnerability of the US tampered world technology,and the 
unexpected over importance of the US relative global digital power as 
too important for the stability of the world. Moreover, US appeas as 
USG+NSA+USCC+GAFAT (google, amazon, facebook, apple, twitter: their 
multilateral sovereignties by-passing national laws.This is too much 
and this has to be corrected.

The trust in the American neutral unilaterality cannot be afforded 
anymore. The technology has to be reviewed. ICANN is not the only one 
in line, IETF/IEEE/W3C also are.to discussed. Merkel and Hollande are 
no necessarily approaching it in the correct way yet. But the intent 
is here. Snowden has been welcome by Putin, etc.



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>the word globalisation has different meanings to different people 
>and I refer you to the anti-globalisation  movement, which sees 
>globalisation as a word for transnational corporate control without 
>government regulation (and you can see the ramifications of that in 
>an internet setting in terms of economic dominance). Probably not 
>the most sensitive word for ICANN to use given its connotations to 
>many people, but I’m not sure what the best substitute is.
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>At 20:43 20/02/2014, John Curran wrote:
>On Feb 20, 2014, at 2:24 PM, Louis Pouzin (well) 
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>Global(ization) mentioned 25 times, i.e. USG/NSA control.
>Louis -
>     For those us not quite as astute, could you unpack the above a 
> little bit,
>    (In particular, I'm trying to figure the how use of global 
> implies USG control)
>Please, not again!
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