[discuss] Possible approaches to solving "problem no. 1"

Jeanette Hofmann jeanette at wzb.eu
Fri Feb 21 12:29:05 UTC 2014

I am not sure we will make any progress by discussing things on this 
principal level. Anyway, while there are good reasons to distrust 
governments the important resource behind governments is the rule of law 
including administrative law that both enables and constraints 
government actions.

I cannot imagine any form of democracy that could do without rule of 
law. Any future governance structure for ICANN and IANA functions will 
have to generate or anchor itself in this kind of generalized norms. 
Governments are one well-tested instantiation of such norms with known 
stengths and weaknesses. Those who don't want to have governments 
involved in the future governance structure need to find a good answer 
to the question of how to replicate rule of law and the degree of 
predictability it creates for all parties involved, including civil 


Am 21.02.14 10:07, schrieb Avri Doria:
> Hi,
> I did not say i dislike my government, but I do distrust all governments
> including mine.  I think they have some limited roles and
> responsibilities in the well being of people according to Human Rights
> agreements, and figure it is the people's job to keep them on path.
> And I do not believe in revolution but rather in evolution towards
> participatory democracy, a form of which is called multistakeholderism,
> in governments and in all other institutions.
> As for not living in the same world as you, oh well, I can live with that.
> thank you
> avri
> On 21-Feb-14 01:09, Michel Gauthier wrote:
>> Avri,
>> we obviously do not live in the same world.
>> If you dislike so much your Gov, why dont you make a revolution?
>> M G
>> At 23:43 20/02/2014, Avri Doria wrote:
>>> While I understand the source of their angst, sort of, for those
>>> states who take their responsibility for defending the people's Human
>>> Rights, I would contend that there may be no way to resolve their self
>>> defined angst other than subjecting the Internet completely to their
>>> tender mercies.
>>> I firmly believe that for most governments, once you let them have an
>>> appropriate amount of control, they will over time work to gain
>>> complete control.  It is in their nature - for the most part they
>>> believe they are the only ones who understand the public good.
>>> Addressing their angst cannot be our motivation for allow them to get
>>> their heads in the tent.  Fair participation to address their
>>> appropriate role and responsibility for Human Rights should be the
>>> only consideration.
>>> avri
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