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Fri Feb 21 18:14:34 UTC 2014

At 15:21 21/02/2014, John Curran wrote:
>On Feb 21, 2014, at 8:45 AM, Jefsey <jefsey at jefsey.com> wrote:
> > W3C is a member of OpenStand. ICANN joined in Montevideo where 
> the IEEE was not present. This created an unbalance:
>   ICANN joined _what_ in Montevideo?  OpenStand?  Can you provide a 
> reference
>   to something supporting this assertion?

I only refer to Michel Gauthier's evaluation of the ICANN BoD (in 
annex). ICANN joined with OpenStand people as per the BoD strategy of 
coalition to start an effort to form an Internet cooperation.

> > - everyone but ICANN agreed upon an economic vision of IG in 
> order to define the technology development paradigm. However, it 
> did not define as to who will be the ultimate decision taker for 
> OpenStand (i.e. the whole digital technology), what IAB/ISOC is for 
> the network part of that technology.
>   Who is _everyone_ in the above remark, and again, can your 
> provide a pointer
>   to this statement of an "economic vision of IG" that was agreed 
> to?  The only
>   outcome that I am aware of is Montevideo Statement on the Future 
> of Internet
>   Cooperation - is this the statement of "economic vision" that you refer to?

Every signatoree and endorser of OpenStand. RFC 6852 describe an 
"economic vision of IG in order to define the technology development 
paradigm" which calls for:
1. Cooperation between standards organizations,
2. Adherence to principles of Due process, Broad consensus, 
Transparency, Balance, Openness,
3. Collective empowerment based on technical merit, to provide global 
interoperability, scalability, stability, and resiliency; enable 
global competition; serve as building blocks for further innovation; 
and contribute to the creation of global communities, benefiting humanity.
4. Availability.  Standards specifications are made accessible to all 
for implementation and deployment (FRAND).
5. Voluntary adoption.  Standards are voluntarily adopted and success 
is determined by the market.


At 00:09 21/02/2014, Michel Gauthier wrote:
>At 13:37 20/02/2014, McTim wrote:
>>On 28 September 2013, the Board directed the President and CEO to 
>>work towards the establishment of a coalition to start an effort to 
>>form an Internet cooperation agenda, and to do so in a manner 
>>consistent with ICANN's mission.
>So, Fadi only executed a plan voted 5 months ago by George, approved 
>by the NTIA, known by Adiel Akplogan and John Curan. So, I was 
>correct in my evaluation.
>>Following the September meeting, the President and CEO executed the 
>>mandate of the 28 September 2013 Board resolution and helped 
>>facilitate a number of activities, including:
>>(i) the expansion and launch of a previously announced strategy 
>>panel now entitled "Panel on the Future of Internet Governance;"
>>(ii) development of and participation in the "1net initiative"; and
>>(iii) encouraging the establishment of and support for a meeting on 
>>multi-stakeholder Internet governance that is now likely to take 
>>place in Brazil in April 2014.
>>This is an Organizational Administrative Function for which public 
>>comment is not required.
>Eventually ... the truth at last...
>M G

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