[discuss] Possible approaches to solving "problem no. 1"

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Fri Feb 21 18:35:34 UTC 2014

At 21:00 20/02/2014, Milton L Mueller wrote:
>Speaking of false dichotomies, what the heck are Mike (or Jefsey) 
>talking about when they defend the need for government "involvement"????


I am afraid that aside of the theoretical world, there is a real 
world. The internet is first (in term of cost of the risks) a battled 
field [Richard Clarke had evaluated the  Then it is an economic place 
where crime is everywhere (Wikipedia: "Cybercrime in the United 
States is estimated to cost $100 billion annually."). You probably 
heard about the cyberterrorist threat?

I understand that we all want things to go smooth. But the discussion 
on this list will have a low impact on most probably low importance 
meeting in Sao Paulo. What is of interest in this list is to test 
possible usages momentum.

Question 1: is a topic of current interest?
Question 2: does a solution get some support?
Question 3: which developpers and testers can be attracted to work on it?
Question 4: who will be interested or worried by its experimentation?
Question 5: how to use that interest or that worry as a leverage 
toward a real improvement of the informed use (what OpenStanders call 
"market-driven standards")?


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