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Hartmut Richard Glaser glaser at cgi.br
Sat Feb 22 11:56:20 UTC 2014


Hartmut Glaaer


Perhaps of interest to the discussions on Internet governance overall is 
the recently released report of ICANN's Strategy Panel on
ICANN's Role in the Internet Governance Eco-system. The Panel examined 
the nature of the Internet Ecosystem and structures that
could be pursued to document the roles, responsibilities and commitments 
the actors in this system have made or could make to
one another and to the community. The key deliverables of the report 
were to:

- Facilitate review of the assumptions, linkages and frameworks that 
underlie ecosystem player responsibilities in the current
             Internet ecosystem, including ICANN's;

- Seek insights on ways to maintain and enhance stewardship of all 
actors, including ICANN, in an evolving ecosystem; and

- Cultivate thought leadership on ways in which ICANN and others can 
serve a complex set of Internet constituencies.

The video interview with the Panel's Chair, Vint Cerf, can be found here:


The report itself can be found here:


Information on the panel members, webinars and consultations can be 
found at:


The report is an important contribution to discussions, including 
informing ICANN's strategic planning process. Please do provide
thoughts and input to the report.

Apologies if this message ends up on duplicate lists!!

vint cerf

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