[discuss] ICANN's Role in the Internet Governance Eco-system - Strategic Panel's Report relased

Elisabeth Blanconil info at vgnic.org
Sat Feb 22 14:45:30 UTC 2014

At 13:05 22/02/2014, Jefsey wrote:
>At 11:11 22/02/2014, Adiel Akplogan wrote:
>>Dear all,
>>This may be of interest to the discussions taking place on this 
>>list. The ICANN's Strategy Panel on ICANN's Role in the Internet 
>>Governance Eco-system has just released its report.
>A very interesting work beneifiting from a long experience and 
>expressing the position of several influent actors that should serve 
>by its inputs and its lacks to a better  establishment of a VPN 
>general doctrine. Unfortunately missing the determining role of 
>IUsers and having only a "first motivation" (irt. IEN 48) vision of 
>the internet architecture.
>Thanks to all.

Metonymy is more precise if using the name of the most basic/smallest 
part than a general/broadest one. However, in the case of virtual 
(private, global, national, regional, limited, etc.) networks, I 
would suggest that we either speak of VNs or of the most interesting 
case (VGN). Moreover than "private" may seem confusing in terms of 
legal status. That is, if you do not mean "VPN" as virtual public 
network :-) : did we not use to call them "externets"?

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