[discuss] ICANN's Role in the Internet Governance Eco-system - Strategic Panel's Report relased

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Sat Feb 22 12:05:31 UTC 2014

At 11:11 22/02/2014, Adiel Akplogan wrote:
>Dear all,
>This may be of interest to the discussions taking place on this 
>list. The ICANN's Strategy Panel on ICANN's Role in the Internet 
>Governance Eco-system has just released its report.

A very interesting work beneifiting from a long experience and 
expressing the position of several influent actors that should serve 
by its inputs and its lacks to a better  establishment of a VPN 
general doctrine. Unfortunately missing the determining role of 
IUsers and having only a "first motivation" (irt. IEN 48) vision of 
the internet architecture.

Thanks to all.

>Basically, The Panel examined the nature of the Internet Ecosystem 
>and structures that could be pursued to document the roles, 
>responsibilities and commitments the actors in this system have made 
>or could make to one another and to the community. The key 
>deliverables of the report were to:
>• Facilitate review of the assumptions, linkages and frameworks that 
>underlie ecosystem player responsibilities in the current Internet 
>ecosystem, including ICANN's;
>• Seek insights on ways to maintain and enhance stewardship of all 
>actors, including ICANN, in an evolving ecosystem; and
>• Cultivate thought leadership on ways in which ICANN and others can 
>serve a complex set of Internet constituencies.
>The video interview with the Panel's Chair, Vint Cerf, can be found here:
>The report itself can be found here:
>Information on the panel members, webinars and consultations can be 
>found at: 
>The report is an important contribution to discussions, including 
>informing ICANN's strategic planning process. Please do provide 
>thoughts and input to the report. Comments can be shared here or 
>directly to ioepanel at icann.org.
>_ a.
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