[discuss] global cyber sovereignty [was discuss Digest, Vol 3, Issue 67, etc.]

S Moonesamy sm+1net at elandsys.com
Sun Feb 23 16:11:36 UTC 2014

Hi Elisabeth,
At 02:31 23-02-2014, Elisabeth Blanconil wrote:
>This is why information are only to be considered as case 
>illustrations. Better if they can be confirmed as you did for ICP-1 
>and DCRI/Wikimedia France. The other hypothetical

I did not confirm anything.  "Wikimedia France" was not mentioned in 
the message I replied to.

>I suppose that you refer to the incredible hoax of the single unique 
>authoritative root with its mathematical (US) hierarchy for an MS 
>global world distributed on an equal footing basis.


S. Moonesamy 

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