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Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Wed Feb 26 23:31:53 UTC 2014

See below

At 20:23 26/02/2014, Steve Crocker wrote:
>Speaking as chair of ICANN's Board of Directors, I can say strongly 
>that we try very hard to avoid "figuring out the right thing" and 
>making a unilateral decision even though the Board is populated with 
>a number of people who are deeply knowledgeable in the various 
>subject matters.  Instead, on those occasions where the community 
>has not come up with something sufficient to deal with an issue, we 
>will try to stimulate additional and alternative methods of 
>generating good ideas.
>This is the approach we took for Whois a little over a year 
>ago.  The Expert Working Group -- see 
>https://www.icann.org/en/groups/other/gtld-directory-services for 
>details -- was created as a result of the Board directing the CEO to 
>develop a fresh approach.  The results of that working group will be 
>used to stimulate community review and consensus.
> > The point is not that the community is always able to make the 
> decision, but in a bottom-up process, they should always have first call.
>Yep. Again, thanks

I am lost. You both describe a process where decision and initiative 
should be with users and it is not while saying it is?

Steve: In the described case, the initative comes crom the board. 
which creats an expert group. Then the board directs the CEO. where 
is the bottom-up initative?

Avri: if people are not interested why the Board would take a decision?

Or it means that ICANN has its own M$ 78 policy. What is ICANN doing 
which is worth several Wikimedia equvalents for the world?

M G 

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