[discuss] governments and rule of law (was: Possible approaches to solving...)

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Thu Feb 27 06:52:27 UTC 2014

On 27-Feb-14 00:31, Michel Gauthier wrote:

> Avri: if people are not interested why the Board would take a decision?

It is not that they are necessarily not interested, though sometimes 
they are disinterested.   As I tried to say, there has to have been an 
extensive dialogue.  But sometime that dialogue does not terminate in a 
consensus decision of the people.  Yet sometimes a decision still has to 
be made.  That is when the Board, which gets paid the big bucks by the 
corporation, has to do something.

And as Alejandro has said, sometimes you have situations where one 
group, or even a single individual can stop a decision from being made. 
  This is a trend for which there has to be a solution.  And hopefully 
just the knowledge that a decision might be made by the Board is enough 
to stop the deadlockers from deadlocking and forcing them to play by the 
rule and negotiate in good faith.

But, when a Board makes a decision to move ahead in the face of 
deadlock, the people have to have a method of recourse and that is the 
point at which voting a Board out of office has to be possible.

But again, the Board making a decision without the prior consensus of 
the community has to be extremely rare and has to meet at least several 

- the community has to have failed to recommend
- there has to be a reasonable pressing need for the decision to be made.
- there has to be a way to respond to community outrage by voting the 
Board out.


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