[discuss] The love-hate relationship between the Internet technical community and civil society

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Thu Feb 27 06:56:05 UTC 2014


Sounds interesting.

I guess that is why I have often had trouble as I consider myself as 
belonging to both of these communities.


On 27-Feb-14 03:13, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> Here's the abstract of a a fun lightning talk that I'l be giving at
> APRICOT 2014 today.  Recognise these stereotypes?
>     To techies, "civil society" is a useless concept, referring to a
>     bunch of failed career politicians who lack a basic understanding of
>     the technology behind the Internet, have no legitimacy to represent
>     Internet users, and litter their conversation with stupid acronyms
>     like "WSIS", "MDGs" and "LDCs".
>     To civil society, the technical community are a bunch of
>     narrow-minded libertarian geeks, who can't (or refuse to) understand
>     the policy dimensions of technology, or how it is shaped by power
>     and money, and who litter their conversation with stupid acronyms
>     like "BGP", "MPLS" and "DNSSEC".
>     However, the future of the Internet depends on the two sides
>     learning to get along. Both need to recognise their own limitations,
>     and the value of what the other side has to contribute. Civil
>     society and the technical community may hate each other sometimes,
>     but could they really be a perfect match?
> Watch this lightning presentation live at
> http://apnic.adobeconnect.com/apricot2014-room1/ from 2pm local
> Malaysian time.
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