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We¹re having enough confusion with technical definitions on this list.
Let¹s not add legal jargon to the mess.

The term ³mortmain² has meaning in US law. I never have seen ³main-morte,²
and the definition that you suggest for the term is not what mortmain
means here. 


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>> >>>Comments inline.
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>>Thank you Conrad for this informed response. It is interesting for
>>me in order to document what different are the different VGN
>>configuration costs and revenues.
>>At 14:05 26/02/2014, David Conrad wrote:
>> >Michel,
>> >
>> >On Feb 26, 2014, at 9:10 AM, Michel Gauthier <mg at telepresse.com> wrote:
>> > > You know the rule: if ICANN works for free for me, I am the
>> > product. Why would I be your product?
>> >
>> >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public-benefit_nonprofit_corporation
>>You have to know that Califiornian "main-morte" corporations are
>>illegal in France and other countries where they are assimilated
>>(French Revolution) to robbers bands.
>> >>>This comment makes no sense -- A US corporation, from any state,
>> whether non-profit or for-profit is not a "main-morte" corporation,
>> and US corporations are certainly not "illegal" in France.
>Please review you Californian code. ICANN is a no member corporation
>(i.e. main morte). This is why Joe Sims chose it and documented it
>(Santiago meeting if I am right).
>What is interesting is that Joe Sims who designed ICANN for Jon
>Postel wites: "in that real world,  ICANN's mission is extremely
>limited:  to maintain the stability of the DNS. Or, to put it more
>simply, to not screw it up.  This is the prime objective, the
>overriding core task, the critical job.  Everything else is
>secondary, or even lower than that, in importance and priority, and
>that includes anything that can remotely be described as governance".
>Actually ICANN cooperates and sells DNS stability of the "IN"
>ICANN/NTIA class (see ICANN Affirmation of Commitment). VGNICS is
>about the common support of all those who cooperate to the whole DNS
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