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Don Blumenthal dblumenthal at pir.org
Fri Feb 28 14:39:03 UTC 2014


Sorry. I try to avoid initialese when I don’t know the audience. The
downside is that sometimes I stumble when I try to recall what the
acronyms stand for.

Yes, I’m on SSAC, the Security and Stability Advisory Committee.


On 2/28/14, 3:30 AM, "David Cake" <dave at difference.com.au> wrote:

>On 27 Feb 2014, at 10:56 pm, Don Blumenthal <dblumenthal at pir.org> wrote:
>> I will add to Steve¹a narrative.
>> What became the EWG first was recommended by the multistakeholder Whois
>> Review Team, not the Board or the CEO. Its report went through the full
>> range of the usual public comment processes.
>> The ICANN Security and Stability Review Team, which I serve on,
>> and recommended a somewhat different approach from the WRT that would
>> require broader community involvement than in the WRT model.
>	When you say ICANN Security and Stability Review Team, do you mean SSAC?
>	Because you weren't on the Security, Stability and Resiliency Review
>Team 1, and I didn't think ICANN had started SSR RT2 process yet? (though
>it is due) 
>	Or is there some other bit of the ICANN SSR world that I am unaware of?
>Asking mostly because the latter possibility is quite plausible, and I at
>least try to understand how it all fits together.
>	Cheers
>		David

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