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This message aims at encouraging any person or organization interested 
in participating in the Internet Governance debate, to send article 
contributions to the upcoming 'NET Mundial' meeting that will take place 
in São Paulo, Brazil, on 23^rd and 24^th   April 2014. The website of 
the meeting (_http://netmundial.org _) is available in seven different 
languages which are constantly updated, so it's recommended to visit it 
frequently. The channel for article submissions is this page: 
_http://content.netmundial.br/_ and the contributions will be accepted 
until March 8th.

This meeting is centered on two issues for its two-day program:

     1. Principles for Internet Governance.

    2. Roadmap for the evolution of the Internet Governance ecosystem.

If you are interested in attending the meeting, please express your 
interest by filling the form at 
http://content.netmundial.br/interests/expression until 28^th February 
but bear in mind that the conference attendance will be limited by the 
capacity of the venue. So, the interests expressed in the above form 
will be evaluated by the organizing committee in order to selectively 
emit individual invitations. In this process, the organizing committee 
will make sure to reach a good balance of representation of all the 
different nationalities and sectors (governments, civil society, 
academia, technical community, business) among the invitations.

There will be wide online coverage of the meeting for anyone that wants 
to participate remotely. As we encourage the creation of hubs around the 
world, the meeting will have remote participation facilities organized 
by the Logistics Organizational Committee.
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