[discuss] Conference: ICANN and Global Internet Governance: The Road to Sao Paulo, and Beyond, Singapore 21 March 2014

John Curran jcurran at istaff.org
Thu Feb 27 22:43:55 UTC 2014

On Feb 27, 2014, at 12:27 PM, Elisabeth Blanconil <info at vgnic.org> wrote:

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> Through its mission creep in the early 2000s ICANN has imposed itself as being "THE" Internet Governance. This is an obvious BUG that is to be fixed.
> We know how to fix it since most of us use the internet for years without using anything from ICANN. This is not because we oppose ICANN, this is just that ICANN is just a VGNIC as others ...

Good to know.

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> In a nutshell we perfectly understand that some people wants to keep their 1983 terminology, but we are afraid they will only discuss a 1983 IG and not our IUser 2014 IG. 

Elizabeth - 
 Those interested in the just the "ICANN VGNIC" should be able to discuss its governance 
 solely using existing terminology if so desired, yes?  

 I honestly cannot discern any indication of interest by those on the 1net discuss list to 
 expanding the discussion to include governance questions applicable to VGNICS in general
 (as opposed to simply discussion of governance aspects of the "ICANN VGNIC")
 Since a basic principle your VGN model that user empowerment, i.e."let people organize things 
 the way they want it" then by definition those interested in just the ICANN VGNIC governance 
 discussions do not have to adopt your terminology, as it lies beyond scope of their chosen 
 model.  Have you considered forming a list for those who wish to discuss VGNICS and IUse in


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