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Jerry Blimo jerryblimo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 11:12:35 UTC 2014


Can anyone clearly and concisely state who is going to be at the meeting in
Brazil? Not just who the 20-odd people making the decisions will be, but
who else can go and participate/observe?

I'm concerned that this meeting (and what comes from it) isn't going to be
participative and isn't going to include all stakeholders.

I read a lot of industry mailing lists but haven't heard anyone
definitively stating that they will be attending the event. Why not?

If someone wanted to go to the meeting, even if just to listen and engage,
there doesn't seem to be any clear outreach for this, let alone any kind of
remote participation. This concerns me that none (or very few of) the
entities that engage with the end users the most, will be involved in any
of the discussions that go on at this meeting. While it may be beneficial
for the governments to look after their own interests if there aren't going
to be bloggers, journalists, marketeers, and companies that deal with
Joe-public at this meeting, how is any of it going to be understood and
discussed by the end user until its too late.

With less than 4 months to go until the meeting, I'm concerned its starting
to look like a dictatorship where only the clique get invited.

How many of you who have posted on this list are going to be at the meeting?

Educating the end users of Internet governance in easy to understand
language is key to the successful evolution of the internet eco-system in
my opinion. Exclusion is the road to ruin.


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