[discuss] Blogpost: So What Do We Do Now? Living in a Post-Snowden World

Adebunmi Akinbo akinbo at nira.org.ng
Thu Jan 2 21:02:46 UTC 2014

I agree with Farrell on this point.
They will always be a route or path to redefine the issues.
We can start relating more with solutions rather than stop-marks.

The question is "what needs to be done ?"

On 1/2/2014 9:56 PM, Stephen Farrell wrote:
> I disagree with this bit:
> On 01/02/2014 04:24 PM, michael gurstein wrote:
>> But the revelations have just kept on coming and the tech community like
>> everyone else recognizes the scope and depth and ultimately overwhelming
>> power of an agency with access to the full might and resources of the
>> richest, most powerful country on earth led by a President who himself seems
>> to be either in thrall of the surveillance machine or indentured to it for
>> reasons we may never know. They, now equally stand blinded by the headlights
>> of a headlong careening tank, are recognizing with appalled
>> self-incriminations what a horror they have allowed and contributed to being
>> born.
>> Quite clearly technical solutions won't work (or at least won't scale) if
>> the dominant power doesn't want it to work, and anyway who would trust that
>> anti-surveillance solutions were working after all we know of how the
>> corporate sector and the tech community has been (willingly or or no)
>> brought in as semi-aware co-conspirators.
> While we can't solve the problem via solely technical means,
> there are technical things that we can and should be doing
> that can increase the costs and visibility of pervasive
> monitoring. And I don't think that the technical community are
> blinded by headlights at all. That's not to say that there's
> yet rough consensus on all the details, but I don't think the
> above matches the current reality very well.
> S.
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