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Nashwa Gad El Hak nashwag at mcit.gov.eg
Fri Jan 3 10:49:38 UTC 2014

Dear All,
I have been following the thread re 2014 list of events, and I would like to draw your kind attention that WSIS+10 HL event is still taking place in Sharm El Sheikh.

The dates though has been postponed, since as per the last MPP meeting took place in Geneva in Dec. 2013, it was realized that the needed documents will not be finished by then. Hence, a postponement was suggested and the new dates are not yet finalized, probably towards the end of the year is preferable though. The venue remains the same.
MCIT, Egypt
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Dear all,

 From Wolfgang Kleinwächter's contribution, I extracted the list of 
the IG meetings he quoted for 2014.

This list might be inportant in order to best follow the events a 
dense year. I listed them by date, name of the organization and location.

I entered "00" for the month and the starting date I ignored. The 
same I left the location I do not know in white.
I would appreciate your help in order to fill that list (addressing 
me the missing information privately). When it is completed I will 
post it again.
Thank you for your help.


20140000 AFNOG
20140000 AFRINIC
20140000 APAN
20140000 APNIC
20140000 APRICOT
20140000 ARIN
20140000 IEEE
20140000 ISOC
20140000 LACNIC
20140000 MENOG
20140000 NANOG
20140000 NCC
20140000 RIPE
20140000 SANOG
20140000 W3C
20140200 WGEC Geneva
20140300 ICANN gTLD  Singapore
20140300 IETF London
20140400 ITU - WTDC  Dubai
20140400 Sao Paulo Sao Paulo
20140400 WSIS+10 High Level Dubai
20140500 UNCSTD  Geneva
20140600 ICANN London
20140700 ECOSOC
20140705 RMLL Montpellier
20140700 IETF Toronto
20140900 IGF Isambul
20140900 UN-GA New-York
20141000 ICANN Los Angeles Los Angeles
20141000 UN - GA New York
20141100 IETF Honolulu
20141100 ITU Plenipotentiary Busan 

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