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nathalie coupet nathaliecoupet at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 4 03:07:27 UTC 2014

According to Vittorio Bertola, the “single root” is in fact a myth: a significant number of different root server systems have been in use for years and already coexist without problems.

To split efficiently the single root, the main condition, [...], is that the resulting set of root server systems is of the incremental type. This would mean, in practice, that:
	1. All root server systems should agree to “carry” each other’s TLDs, and let their users access all TLDs from all different root systems;
	2. Different root server systems, with different regulating entities or processes, would be in charge for different sets of TLDs;
	3. All root server systems should commit not to interfere with the management of TLDs that belong to other systems;
	4. All root server systems would be free to introduce new TLDs, as long as the related strings are not already in use by any other root server system.

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