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>   I looked up the security-related information provided by some financial
> institutions in several countries.  The information for crime prevention is
> not of much help to the customer.
> +1 and actually this should cut accross all internet users; more
awareness/information educating users on the "why" and the "how" for their
safety on a system network(including the internet) is required.

> The problem mentioned above is about phishing.  It is a significant
> problem as the consumer ends up losing money or jeopardizing their personal
> safety.  One of the alternatives to track the source of the unwanted
> message is to have some body, e.g. government, the service provider, keep a
> log of all mail transactions.  The body would then be able to track a
> message which was sent yesterday, last month, last year, etc.  I think that
> there might be some privacy implications when logging that information.  It
> is not a technical matter though.
> Oh yes, there is definitely a rights issue here.

The activity is likely more difficult to track when it occurs as a
> cross-border activity.  I gather that is what people consider as the
> internet policy angle.  There is a draft convention for a part of the world
> which covers the above problem (see http://au.int/en/sites/
> default/files/AU%20Convention%20EN.%20%283-9-2012%29%20clean_0.pdf ).
>  The internet policy for problems such as the one mentioned above might be
> to turn that draft into legislation.
> A draft which is still largely controversial [1,2] with moves against
implementation draft of the draft at its current state [3]. We can only
look forward to the outcome of the AU meeting this month where it is
expected to be ratified[4].


3. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/262/148/817/
4. http://allafrica.com/stories/201312301604.html

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