[discuss] ICANN policy and "Internet Governance"

S Moonesamy sm+1net at elandsys.com
Sun Jan 5 12:23:50 UTC 2014

Hi Seun,
At 09:13 04-01-2014, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
>Oh yes, there is definitely a rights issue here.

It is not clear which group is responsible for discussing about the issue(s).

>A draft which is still largely controversial [1,2] with moves 
>against implementation draft of the draft at its current state [3]. 
>We can only look forward to the outcome of the AU meeting this month 
>where it is expected to be ratified[4].

Thanks for the references.  The petition gathered 147 signatures.  A 
search does not show that many comments from businesses.  I could not 
find any comment from civil society or organizations which might not 
consider themselves as part of civil society.  It would be difficult 
to argue that businesses, civil society, etc. do not find the draft acceptable.

S. Moonesamy 

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