[discuss] Transiting e-mails

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Wed Jan 8 15:58:56 UTC 2014

At 09:26 08/01/2014, Nick Ashton-Hart wrote:
>Not just users: many companies want that too - and not just from the 
>NSA but from many other government agencies in many other countries. 
>Coming up with answers to that issue will be a subject widely 
>discussed in 2014. It is incumbent upon us all to ask ourselves: 
>what solutions can we envisage?
>If we want to avoid the harms to the Internet from bad ideas like 
>local hosting, in the end, we will have to have some positive ideas. 
>The Internet companies' principles hold some interesting potential 
>ideas, including MLAT reform.


when I says users I mean everyone who/which "IUse" the internet. 

I actually associete IUser two different classes:
- the "lead users", who can intelligently use the digital spectrum 
through their own prism (usiness and net open code)?
- the internet users who are intelligently used through protocol 
assisted social engineering.

When I say "private/public " I mean every big/bad/bog data user. When 
I talk of NSAs I use international plural.

We are on then in full agreement.


>On 8 Jan 2014, at 01:27, Michel Gauthier <mg at telepresse.com> wrote:
> > Users wants a solution to be protected from private/public NSAs' 
> surveillance

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