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Chip, thanks so much for this message and for the timings in the debate; this is very useful.

This goes to the point I made - there are near-term issues like this one which I believe our community should both care about and be engaged in. The modalities and nature of the meeting mentioned below will be of significant importance, as it can either be a true review meeting (as was envisaged) or one that opens/revises/adds to the WSIS outcomes. Wherever you fall on the desirability of either course, it is truly significant for IG.

For those who are new, the WSIS outcomes are in effect the blueprint for ICT policy for the multilateral system. If you care about narrowing the digital divide, development that incorporates ICTs - and of course the governance that is associated with global networks, the WSIS+10 process should be important to you. IMHO.

"Chip Sharp (chsharp)" <chsharp at cisco.com> wrote:
>For information -
>In December, the UN General Assembly (UNGA) approved a Resolution
>entitled "Information and communications technologies for development"
>(A/RES/68/198).  This resolution did not get much notice at the time,
>but it is relevant to the discussions on this list and the potential
>agenda of the meeting in Sao Paolo (GMMFIG).
>The final text of the Resolution can be found in section III of the
>report of the UNGA Second Committee:
>This Resolution was intended to determine the modalities for the WSIS
>10 year review in 2015.  The original version of the draft (introduced
>by Fiji on behalf of the Group of 77 and China) called for a summit in
>2015 with an intergovernmental preparatory process to develop the
>agenda and negotiated outcome (section II.B of the report).
>The UNGA has decided to delay a decision on the modalities of the WSIS
>10 year review until March 31 at the latest.  The President of the
>Assembly will appoint two co-facilitators to carry out
>intergovernmental consultations to determine the modalities.  From
>number 22 of the Resolution:
>"22. Decides to finalize the modalities for the overall review by the
>General Assembly of the implementation of the outcomes of the World
>Summit on the Information Society, in accordance with paragraph 111 of
>the Tunis Agenda, as early as possible, but no later than the end of
>March 2014, and invites the President of the Assembly to appoint two
>co-facilitators to convene open intergovernmental consultations for
>that purpose;"
>The Resolution also mentions the meeting in Sao Paolo:
>"Welcoming the announcement by Brazil that the country will host the
>Global Multi-stakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance,
>to be held in São Paulo on 23 and 24 April 2014,"
>From what I've heard the major point of contention is what type of
>meeting (if any) will be held in 2015 for the 10 year review of WSIS.
>The original draft resolution, supported by many countries, called for
>a full Summit.
>The statements made in conjunction with this resolution provide a good
>overview of the views of various States on Internet Governance, the
>WSIS process and the multistakeholder model.
>Written statements can be found at
>	Click on the arrow at end of item [16], then click on "Related
>They are mostly only available in their native language and not all
>statements are available.
>The statements made during the 11 December meeting of the 2nd Committee
>are not available as text, but can be heard on the webcast (English)
>Discussion of the resolution starts at about 3'00".
>Statements (approximate start times):
>Pakistan	 8'30"
>Japan		14'16"
>USA		17'30"
>EU		20'50"
>Canada		22'45"
>Israel		25'30"
>Sri Lanka	27'10"
>Australia	28'45"
>Saudi Arabia	31'25"
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