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BTW, who is the 1net coordinating committee ?

Jorge -

   See attached.  You might inquire to them regarding your other questions.


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FYI, the mailing list of the Steering Committee (partly formed, with the permission of the technical community while they are are completing  their process) is up.

- a.

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Dear all,

Once again welcome to you all to the /1net steering committee's mailing list. Following the individual mails I sent you yesterday, I guess we are now all now on the mailing list.

I won't miss to start with wishing you all a very happy New Year and a very constructive Ig discussion and action through out the year to all of us.

So far we have the following people representing Business, Civil Society and Academia on the lit:

-----< Business >------
Aparna Sridhar
David Fares
Marilyn Cade
Sarah Wynn-Williams
Paul Mitchell

------< Civil Society >-------
Anja Kovacs
Anriette Esterhuysen
Vladimir Radunovik
Rafik Dammak
Joana Varon

------< Academia >-------
Angela Daly
Ramesh Subramanian
Stefania Milan
William Drake
Boubakar Barry

The technical community is still in the process of selecting its representatives and we are expecting them to join us during the second part of January (as per their process timeline).

We will conduct our work mainly online (using this mailing list and AFRINIC webex platform for conference calls). This of course does not preclude us to use any opportunity of many (or all) of us physically present at an event to meet as well.


- a.
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