[discuss] cgi.br release regarding Brazil Global MSM on Internet Governance

Roland Perry roland at internetpolicyagency.com
Sat Jan 11 20:02:52 UTC 2014

In message <13e8ae07-0b60-4be0-80b6-ab81a3ef23e6 at email.android.com>, at 
20:23:21 on Sat, 11 Jan 2014, Nick Ashton-Hart <nashton at ccianet.org> 
>My understanding of the process, Roland, is that BASIS picked their 
>nominees to both 1net and the Brazil meeting and presented both lists 
>in early January

That's what I suspected (although use of the past tense before Xmas 
makes me wonder if the lists were ready then), but [to address the other 
issue] do we know if 1net is willing to process nominations from other 
business organisations as well?
Roland Perry

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