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>> The way I see it, 1Net has 5 members in her 4 stakeholder representation
which makes 20. There is a br event that requires 1Net to provide
3x4(stakeholders) for HLMC and 8 names for the EMC. Coincidentally, this
still sum up to 20, as it's important that those who were nominated to
coordinate/steer 1Net represent at the br event for proper reporting,
follow-up and accountability. So the 1Net committee should just determine
how they split into the HLMC and EMC for the one time br event.
> That's an interesting idea, but aren't the people in Brazil representing
(and reporting back to) their stakeholder groups, rather than 1net?
> --
Yes; aren't members of 1Net steering committee representing their
stakeholder groups? So each stakeholder group in 1Net steering committee I
expect should on normal basis report to her respective stakeholder. While
1Net receives report from it's 1Net SC as one body and not as various
stakeholder group(1Net I refer here are all list members).
If we however want a new call for nomination to br event and then 1Net SC
review and select from the nominations, it then mean there has to be a
guide on the nomination process which will be drafted by SC and "roughly"
accepted by 1Net members before a call is made and selection process
commence. This also mean that none of 1Net SC would participate in br in a
representative role but rather observation role waiting for reports from
the nominees selected.
This I think could be the ideal process, however there is an element of
time here, hence the reason why I think it's better to work with the almost
baked bread (SC members) rather than starting a process to baking new bread
just for a one-time event.

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