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Jorge Amodio jmamodio at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 11:06:08 UTC 2014

> I get your point but I think perhaps it is tangential to mine. I'm not
> saying all that you say isn't true, I'm saying that the USG and the other
> 5-eyes countries are bad ambassadors for touting the open Internet, free
> speech online, etc because they've discredited themselves by saying one
> thing and doing another.

This is the same kind of hypocritical situation of countries during last
WCIT claiming respect for human rights for which they actually don't care a

> I am certainly not saying that other "sinners" are better emissaries - but
> there are countries who are much more credible since their national legal
> systems actually do what the US said it was doing, but was not.
> Switzerland, Iceland, a few others come to mind.

Right, and a considerable amount of money stolen by corrupt government
officials end in ...

> These are the kind of countries we need speaking up on open Internet
> issues - they have credibility.

At the current state of world affairs, IMHO no country has credibility.

> Note here these are my views, based upon my being based in Geneva for
> years and therefore hearing very candid views from governments all over the
> world.

What you hear is the candid view of people "representing" those
governments. You should replace the first "based" by "biased" in your

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