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On 14 Jan 2014, at 14:38, Veni Markovski <veni at veni.com> wrote:

> Nick,
> As someone, who has lived through two (May be even three) different economic and political systems, I cannot agree with you on the lack of credibility. There's no perfect country, but there are countries that learn from their (bad/good) experience. And countries that don't. Same with people. 

All I can tell you is: when it comes to Internet policy, the view of many governments is that the USG deceived the world in promoting an open Internet while it used the technology in a spectacularly abusive way at the same time. I have also lived in democracies - and also a dictatorship and know the difference as do you, but I don't see how that has anything to do with the political situation we are now in.

> The way the Internet is coordinated has nothing to do with what Mr. Snowden has revealed. I still ask people to go and read at www.president.ee the speech the Estonian president gave on June 8, 2012 at a cyber conference in Estonia (on iPhone too difficult to find it but perhaps someone can publish the URL?). 
> Let us now try to take a blame - we, who have been developing the multistakeholder model, and have managed to keep governments engaged to a degree that helped our people (in my case - Bulgaria) get affordable and fast Internet - we are not into the NSA/any-other-agency business. 
> Yes, this is being used by some to claim there's a need for an oversight function of the ITU or another UN body over the Internet. But, besides the rhetoric, I have not seen any evidence or fact how this will improve the speed, accessibility to services, quality or price of Internet access. With 7 million population and about 2000 Internet service providers in Bulgaria, I think we, at ISOC-Bulgaria, who made that possible through legislation changes, do not feel guilty and cannot take any blame for something some agency has or hasn't done in the USA. 

Nor has anyone suggested that you should - on the contrary, Bulgaria can be one of the leaders I was speaking of.

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