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Tue Jan 14 15:35:11 UTC 2014

>> 8. ICANN affirms its commitments to: ... (b) remain a not for profit
>> corporation, headquartered in the United States of America with offices
>> around the world to meet the needs of a global community; (end quote)
>> So this clears up Jorge's understanding of ICANN locations, perhaps Ali
> is just left with updating the headquarters address (although this depends
> on when he wrote the article)

AoC where negotiated and signed previous to ICANN's move from Marina del
Rey to Los Angeles, and previous to Fadi's transformation plan of
decentralizing and having ICANN operating as a US centric organization.

> Now this is a good topic for the meeting in Brazil: globalization of
>> ICANN, what a new affirmation of commitments might look like (building on
>> what we've got, which doesn't look so bad), how to design a new host
>> country agreement, etc.  Add globalization of the IANA functions and there
>> are two pretty heavy topics.  Take a lot more time than we have between now
>> and April 23-24, but can make a start in Brazil.
The meeting on Brazil should not focus on ICANN but the overarching
principles that can improve Internet governance and cooperation.

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