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The debate on anycast and root servers has been there for decades. But
those who call for removal of control of the primary 13 root servers
from one entity still have a point, although most times the point is
about sovereign pride.

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>> writes
>>  Could you explain how removing a country from the Internet in the root
>>> zone would not prevent this country from being connected to the
>>> Internet?
>> Because .com isn't a country?
> And to add, if by "removing a country from the Internet....." you meant
> removing the ccTLD of that country, then i will say that does not
> disconnect the country from the internet, because networking is not about
> names but about bits/packet transfer. Naming is the fancy thing very useful
> for users but not necessarily useful/required by the devices to
> communicate. There are many other nameservers[1] not operating the ICANN
> single root structure and used by those who wishes to. This simply means
> the internet will still smile if a country zone is removed, although it
> will bring a temporal discomfort to users ;) but hey, we got used to v4 now
> we are getting used to v6 and thats the trend.
> All that said, no one prays for an un-coordinated naming of the Internet
> resources.
> Cheers!
> 1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Root_Server_Network
>> Because even .uk was removed, all that would disappear (modulo caching
>> and
>> out-of-band methods of keeping the IP address of the servers in question
>> in
>> circulation) to a first approximation is .co.uk websites and email
>> servers. It wouldn't even affect users in the UK's ability to look at
>> websites in, or send email to .fr, let alone .com. And they'd get replies
>> to their emails as long as they were using an email address outside of .
>> co.uk
>> [nb there are other .uk sceond level domains, omitted for clarity].
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