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>This study was one of ICANN CEO Twomey's Presidential "strategy 
>panels". Is there a link to that report?

There has to be a link, because it's surely part of the ICANN archive, 
but I don't have it noted down.

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>>Will secure factual advice on the legal status of ICANN offices outside
>>of US.  In Brussels, for example, staff are on Belgium contracts
>iirc About 5-6 years ago ICANN did a study (which must have been public 
>otherwise I wouldn't have heard about it) of where it might place an 
>overseas HQ, if not in the USA.
>They looked at various criteria including the "employee friendliness" 
>of local labour and tax laws, and the tax and legal provisions for a 
>not-for-profit corporation.
>As well as things like good local provision of healthcare, schooling 
>and housing, being "Visa friendly" for the mobility of staff and 
>visitors, good international transport connections, and having a "safe 
>and secure"
>As far as I know the shortlist they came up with was: Brussels, Geneva 
>and London, with maybe Amsterdam as a runner-up; but soon afterwards 
>the whole thing was quietly dropped.
>{This was a separate exercise from the existing Brussels satellite office}
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