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It seems to me that you have missed the first and most significant question
which needs to be asked i.e. on what basis do you derive the legitimacy to
undertake any of the tasks as indicated in your subsequent questions.  


Contra Milton, you cannot simply pull this legitimacy and authority to act
out of the air, assume it by some form of divine right, seize it through the
de facto occupancy of some type of electronic space or other similarly
illegitimate contrivance.  


Your legitimacy has in this instance, to come from the identification of a
constituency who, through a set of agreed upon procedures have granted you
that legitimacy to act on their behalf so long as your actions are
consistent with those procedures. In this case, you (or rather your
nominators) have misidentified your constituency (as being representative of
all of CS as a stakeholder group), failed to identify a set of appropriate
procedures on the basis of which your legitimacy could be granted
(appropriately transparent and accountable selection procedures for your
individual nominations) and only function on the basis of an external body
(1net) having accorded you legitimacy even though they themselves quite
evidently lack any form of  legitimacy as per the above .




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Dear colleagues, 


ahead of the first (and constitutive) meeting of the 1Net Steering committee
in the following days, and thinking about the substantial questions related
to 1Net (many been discussed already on this list), please share your views
on the following:

1.       How do you see the role and potentials of 1Net? What should be its
task in a wider IG context? 

(Taking into account the discussed views that it might have been started
with particular intentions and following particular interests, but now
providing (or hoping) that 1Net would be able to resist these and gradually
establish its legitimacy in the wider community)

2.       What should be the role of 1Net towards major IG fora - IGF, ICANN,
ITU, and other?

3.       What relation should 1Net have with the Brazil meeting? 

The Brazilian organisers suggested in a press release (and as Anja
clarified: 1Net has not been consulted on nor has decided on any of these,
so we can only understand this as suggestions) several roles for 1Net,
including the "partnership" in organising the Brazil event... Should 1Net be
a partner, and if so how should it contribute to Brazil meeting (and how it
should not)?


I am sure all the members of the Steering Committee would appreciate variety
of views on these.

Thank you!





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