[discuss] Snowden Revelations: What concrete activities were revealed that led us here?

Adiel Akplogan adiel at afrinic.net
Thu Jan 16 08:34:36 UTC 2014

On 2014-01-16, at 12:14 PM, Dr. Ben Fuller <abutiben at gmail.com> wrote:


> Internet Governance can raise issues, publicise them, propose acceptable behaviours, etc.; but often effective change will occur when national governments adopt and operationalise those acceptable behaviours. An area of focus for people in Internet Governance is how to interact with national stakeholders who can in turn effect change at this level.

+1 Ben! 

few of us as well have been saying this on this and others as well. Instead of spending our time trying to reinvent every wheal, we will do ourself good by focussing on how we can create (or improve) the link between global coordination/governance and local stakeholders including Policy makers and Governments in order to increase mutual trust and confidence. The future of all of this depend on our ability to calmly, candidly  and diligently address that.

- a (my personal view only).
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