[discuss] Options for root zone (was Re: Interesting article)

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Fri Jan 17 20:10:06 UTC 2014


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>On (1) - Milton I share your concerns re GAC - but I think the reality 
>might be that the path of least resistance towards changes from the 
>current unilateral control situation here might be an agreed role for 
>GAC as part of internal process of ICANN. 

GAC already has an agreed role as part of the internal process of ICANN. Whether you agree with me that it is completely dysfunctional or not, it is all there in black and white in the bylaws. 

What we DON'T need in this context is any hint, or any whiff or whisper of a hint, that links the current NTIA DoC role in administering the IANA contract with the GAC. That confuses two completely different functions: policy development advice and the auditing of root zone file changes. I think we can all agree that the function of auditing the accuracy and procedural correctness of root zone changes should not be mixed up with in the slightest with some kind of policy override function. Yet if you link that function to the GAC - in any way - I guarantee you that RZF change audits will become levers for overriding internal policy decisions.

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