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Jeremy Malcolm jeremy at ciroap.org
Mon Jan 20 03:56:33 UTC 2014

On 19/01/14 19:30, parminder wrote:
> Now that you raised questions about the legitimacies of those who are
> claiming exclusion, I think you would agree that the same questions
> are also due for those are included (by shutting out others). Apart
> from the very extra-ordinary spectacle of the civil society CC
> arrangement putting out 3 out of 3 nominees for high level committee
> as people from developed counties,

Just briefly: Parminder, this is an odd observation as you had asked the
coordination group to select Louis in place of yourself (though I'm not
saying that Louis was selected for that reason).  Also, do note that
half of the coordination group members are from developing countries so
the desirability of developing country representation was certainly not
overlooked (by them, or by the rest of us).

As to Community Informatics, I've ceased engaging with Michael about
this.  As I had long respected him, his lack of compunction about
attacking colleagues and friends over this issue with repeated untruths
saddens me greatly (hint: his group wasn't ignored or excluded without
explanation, and neither is the coordination group the self-selected,
self-dealing cabal he claims).

Beyond this, Ian will soon be putting out a discussion paper from the
coordination group about its future and how representation within the
group can be broadened.


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