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>> To that point, in option (3) do you mean delegation in the sense of rescindable 
>> granting of authority to an agent to act on a principal's behalf? And if so, 
>> what principal(s)? Rescindable under what conditions?
> Good questions. Answers would represent the various "flavors" of a denationalized approach. 
> Such a delegation could be permanent and not rescindable, in which case the USG, which currently controls IANA, would be the principal. 

Milton, Brenden -

Two points: 
 1) The language "granting of authority" is overly vague in this context;
    yes, it is true that the IANA is granted authority to act, but it is 
    the ability to act in a _administrative_ manner (the NTIA IANA Function
    contract, for example, does not convey authority to set policy, only to 
    implement policy set by other parties.)

 2) The USG is not the only party involved in granting such authority; the
    IAB/IETF also grants the IANA its authority to administer the various
    Internet registries (name, number, and protocol) via its MOU [RFC 2860]


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