[discuss] Continuation of problem no. 1 specification, and what could be next steps

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Mon Jan 27 05:03:07 UTC 2014


We get back to these questions:

-  But does its effect on the Internet impact society differently?
-  Are the ways in which it affects the Internet different in any way?

If either answer is 'maybe' or 'don't know' then I think it is an object 
for Ig study.

And if either is 'yes' then I think it is an object for Ig debate, 
recommendations and advocacy.


On 26-Jan-14 23:54, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> Avri,
> Because it doesn't only affect the Internet.
> Regards
>     Brian
> On 27/01/2014 08:55, Avri Doria wrote:
>> Hi,
>> While it may not be an issue at the International level of Internet
>> governance, something I still don't fully accept, it may relevant at the
>> regional or national levels of Ig.  In so far as there are specific
>> issues with regards to the Internet  and how it, within the marketplace,
>> is regulated in a country, why isn't it a national Ig issue.
>> I don't see why correcting the "domestic market (mis)regulation"  for
>> some defintion of mis [free market excess, central state control,
>> negligence, ...] isn't the epitome of a Internet governance issue at the
>> national and perhaps trade treaty level.
>> avri
>> On 26-Jan-14 14:18, S Moonesamy wrote:
>>> Hi Andrew,
>>> At 09:14 26-01-2014, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
>>>> That paper is interesting, but both it and your own argument lead me
>>>> towards the view that this is not a matter of Internet governance at
>>>> all, but an issue of domestic market (mis)regulation.  I don't see how
>>>> we can fix that and I'm also not sure it would be correct for us to try.
>>> Agreed.
>>> I don't see how domestic market (mis)regulation can be a matter of
>>> Internet governance as:
>>>     (i)  It is a matter for the relevant country to decide.
>>>     (ii) The issue also covers non-Internet areas.
>>> It would be problematic to try and fix such problems through Internet
>>> governance (see Brian's comment about national economic policies).
>>> Regards,
>>> S. Moonesamy
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