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Wed Jan 29 18:30:12 UTC 2014

At 18:11 29/01/2014, JCN Global wrote:
>I was wondering about a Multinet, if the designing (or change of 
>grand design) of a ONE Internet has reached its limits for giving 
>way to a fair 'Law of the Internet'. I am sure than all the smart 
>e-minds around would not find it that difficult, neither very 
>expansive. Again, this is not my best bet to have 2, 3, 4


Multinet does exist. It was initally (1968/1985) Tymnet before it was 
strangled by the Asymetrics. It now is the internet if it is not 
strangled again by the same ones. The practical strength of the 
Internet over Tymnet is the datagram concept which makes 
strangulation quite impossible. The disadvantage is the lack of layer 
six and interpresentation system.

This why enacting MS-IG starts with working on a fully distributed 
(at personal level) globalization of the root servers system. One 
easily understand that fragmentation becomes quite difficult when 
there is no rigisity left to fragment. Unfortunately this may make 
ICE (the FBI world control on the DNS, more difficult). This hardware 
level IANA globalization does not change the role of ICANN which 
still has the same mission: manage the class "IN" (ICANN/NTIA) root 
data. This is therefore totally conform to the Montevideo target. It 
also match the primary purpose of ICANN, to foster competition in the 
naming area, as other class root data public, private, or free 
providers might compete with ICANN.

There should however be a need for a root data administrator enhanced 
cooperation to establish ethic rules, foster R&D, propose warranties 
to registrants, interface individual domain name owner organizations, 
discuss with States the IPR issues, and obviously discuss the way to 
mutually support the multiple identification usages and semantics of 
the multiples technologies.

This is just an example of the potentialities that a real, non 
status-quo hampered, MS-IG permits to project.

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