[discuss] Some more legal tangles for ICANN

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Tue Jul 1 16:12:48 UTC 2014

At 11:57 28/06/2014, Chris Disspain wrote:
>>However if you think this particular 'point of law' has no 
>>implication to the legal and jurisdictional status of ICANN and the 
>>important global governance functions that is does, I will rest my case here.
>Speaking as a lawyer and a ccTLD manager a) I would be wary of 
>drawing 'points of law' from a news story and b) even if the report 
>is accurate, the decision does not have any implication to the legal 
>and jurisdictional status of ICANN.

Dear Chris,

Speaking as people caring about their glocal digitality: a) we would 
be wary of drawing technical operational trust from any comment on 
points of any law and b) we would avoid using services of which the 
stability and continuity could be subject to legal and juridictional 
issues. Our need is for our machines to work 24/366 with the least 
possible technical support and no legal counsel.

One of fsp4net could be survivor 
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