[discuss] Some more legal tangles for ICANN

Carlos A. Afonso ca at cafonso.ca
Wed Jul 2 00:07:34 UTC 2014

Now I am almost convinced that this is generated by software -- like a
paper-writing program.


On 07/01/2014 08:30 PM, Michel S. Gauthier wrote:
> At 07:34 01/07/2014, parminder wrote:
>> I think we would like to leave global governance of the Internet
>> neither at the mercy of the US law, nor of some kinds of shenanigans.
>> That is the point. 
> This sounds prettily what fsp4net is about ?
> Their POV is that the digitality's global governance is agoric (i.e.
> polylectic: everyone mutually contributes to the common emergence).
> AFAIK their difference with the NTIA is that the NTIA thinks that this
> common emergence must be ported by a structured MS community process,
> and JFC promotes a polycratic multitude's self-organization.
> From what I gather the NTIA/ICANN system is cybernetic, i.e.
> self-regulated. The JFC proposition is agoric i.e. self-organized.
> Experience (running code) will tell who is right through a
> "catastrophe". In the cybernetic system a catastrophe is the end of the
> local day, in an agoric system (living mode) it only is a singularity
> which is self-patched by the global system.
> I know these concepts sound quite esotheric :-), but this is the core of
> the current scientific, economic, political, etc. "locality issue" (EPR
> paradox, Quantum Mechanics, Einstein Relativity) that Vint Cerf has
> brillantly multidisciplinary extended in its 1978 Internet founding
> paper (IEN 48):
>     "One motivation for this objective is to permit the internal
>     technology of a data network to be optimized for local operation but
>     also permit these locally optimized nets to be readily
>     interconnected into an organized catenet.  *The term "local" is used
>     in a _loose_ sense, here, since it means "peculiar to the particular
>     network"* rather than "a network of limited geographic extent." 
> However, the TCP/IP protocol set is based upon the Louis Pouzin's
> datagram, similar to the Einstein's e=mc2 and cosmological constant (TCP
> is here to correct the non-locality multi-path delay, error and some
> other entropic issues. One of these problem is the US entropic legal
> harasment. We all know that the DNS nicely handles that particular issue
> in spite of the State US lie about it. Many try to patriotically and
> commercially support it. Parminder, do you support what Louis Pouzin
> stated: that all this will support the alternative roots concepts (I
> prefer to speak of homeroot).
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