[discuss] Some more legal tangles for ICANN

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Thu Jul 31 15:15:37 UTC 2014

Sorry, I just happen to read your interesting question and it seems 
that none of us has responded.

At 04:48 02/07/2014, Barry Shein wrote:
>Your "agoric" or "polylectic" proposal sounds perhaps minarchist or
>maybe more anarcho-syndicalist to me, no?

agoric is the discipline of studying the agoric systems. An agoric 
system, like a tensegrity, is a meshed system, where an effect can be 
part of its own cause. Quantum physics is a good example with 
enatanglement Alain Aspect experimentation of the EPR  (Einstein, 
Podolsky, Rosen) paradox

>How do you propose dispute resolution processes in such a regimen?

This is not a regimen but the way nature works. The resolution 
process is known as SOC (Self-Organized Criticality): the way 
earthbreaks, history, etc. works. Mathematically this is the theory 
of equilibriums and catastrophes. The most known resolution processes 
among humans are philia, trade, diplomacy, and war. This results from 
the fact that in the Universe man seems to be the only one to have 
the ability, through his/her intelligence and free will to 
counter-influence an agoric network of events

>How does one propose dispute resolution in a MSistic system for that
>matter. By contract I suppose is the answer, but contract enforcement
>seems at best tacit.

A contract is a human coalition to try to regulate the agoric of the reality.

Agorism is either another term for syllogism in order to stress its 
polylectic character (reflexion -> emergence) since for 2300 years it 
was mostly used in a dialectic context (logic -> premises/conclusion) 
and recently in a monolectic context (cynerbetic -> action/reaction).

A crowd can result in a people with social contract creating a 
sovereign state or without social contract but with common individual 
aspirations : this is then a multitude.
Minarchism is a people's governance strategy that can be applied by 
any regimen. Polycracy is the multitude only organization capacity.

Is that clearer to you?


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