[discuss] shifts in IANA/accountability discussion: your thoughts?

Michel S. Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Sun Jun 22 09:48:51 UTC 2014

At 04:40 22/06/2014, David Conrad wrote:
>[1] Full disclosure: in case anyone was unaware, 
>https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2014-06-20-en (but I'll not 
>be a member of ICANN staff until Aug 4).

Congratulations from the telepresse team for joining the ICANN VGN 
HQ. It will not be an easy task to co-assume an US VGN orderly 
inheritance distribution. A professional was needed: they found a 
good one. An ICANNer was needed: we observed you were Class 'IN' 
("ICANN/NTIA") biased enough.

Ir will be interesting to watch your relations with the DNSA 
initiative aggegation.

M S G.

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