[discuss] Some more legal tangles for ICANN

Barry Shein bzs at world.std.com
Sat Jun 28 18:52:36 UTC 2014

All this armchair analysis is fascinating but let me interject that
this same group (the litigants) are doing fairly well in the seizure
of a ~$500M building in Manhattan (650 Fifth Ave) as an asset of the
Iranian government based on the same damages claims.

On 31 March a judge confirmed that the seizure must proceed after a
few years of legal wranglings though appeals will proceed.

A little googling will reveal similar pontifications questioning the
actual ownership of the building, the jurisdiction, etc. which may
look familiar to those following this thread.

The building was in the name of charitable organizations, Assa Corp
and Alavi Foundation, but the court found this to be irrelevant --
some said a fraudulent front -- or only partially protective (i.e.,
they might also get some of the proceeds of a forced sale.)




If nothing else the point is that the litigants appear to be
tenacious, this has been going on for about a decade, and apparently
well funded.

I'm surprised at the flippancy with which some cast it all off as
utter nonsense.

It may well fail ultimately but I don't think this is being pursued by
people prone to utter nonsense or frivolous pursuit.

Underestimating those whom you disagree with can be a disasterous

P.S. This is also interesting and relevant. The same group has been
pursuing 20,000 Persian artifacts housed at the Univ of Chicago. They
had a set back on 2014-03-28 but are appealing.




        -Barry Shein

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