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I'd suggest you re-read the original message in its totality.  No one suggested that anyone had to accept everything, much less anything proposed. The point was that there may be people who quibble about minor or even major details, but might still accept the guiding principles of our proposal. You are free to disagree or dispute any aspect of the proposal.

Indeed, I be happy to engage with you on such substantive matters, rather than having these kinds of exchanges which impute motives or intentions to people that simply aren't there.

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Dear Milton, while is is useful of course to contribute proposals, suggesting that other parties must accept them wholesale and only propose 'quibbles' of change doesn't seem to me an approach that inspires confidence.

On 3 March 2014 14:52, Milton L Mueller <mueller at syr.edu<mailto:mueller at syr.edu>> wrote:
Even if there are quibbles about the details of the proposal, we look forward to gaining agreement on those principles, and are willing to entertain any proposals that embody them.



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