[discuss] Roadmap for globalizing IANA

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Mon Mar 3 19:12:26 UTC 2014

From: Seun Ojedeji [mailto:seun.ojedeji at gmail.com]

> Since the registries(and operators) are already part of ICANN structure.

gTLD registries are contracted parties with ICANN, but they are not "part of ICANN" in the sense that they are subsets of it; they are independent private sector companies. Some Registries (most ccTLDs) do not even have contracts with ICANN,

> Don't you think ICANN will also be able to perform the role of the DNSA
> especially if it now has the enablement by law to do so?
> I am saying this because I think the DNSA can just be a department within ICANN

The whole point of this proposal is to separate the DNSA functions from ICANN, from Verisign and from USG - to make them the responsibility of a different organization. ICANN concentrates on its true mission, which is policy development. DNSA concentrates on its true mission, which is root zone management, maintenance and operation. Both do a better job as a result of the specialization. Both are more accountable as a result of the division of responsibility (checks and balances).

By the way, ICANN has no authorization by law to perform the root zone management functions. It has a contract with the USG, but the USG could give that contract to others.

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