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Hello Milton,

On 3/3/14, Milton L Mueller <mueller at syr.edu> wrote:
> From: Seun Ojedeji [mailto:seun.ojedeji at gmail.com]
>> Since the registries(and operators) are already part of ICANN structure.
> gTLD registries are contracted parties with ICANN, but they are not "part of
> ICANN" in the sense that they are subsets of it; they are independent
> private sector companies.

Yeah by being part of, i meant they already have an existing
relationship which ICANN and does have within ICANN structure
opportunities to participate.

 Some Registries (most ccTLDs) do not even have contracts with ICANN,
Okay i find this interesting information, is that a flaw on the
operation side of ICANN or what?. So ICANN serve some registries
without a contract/agreement. Although ccTLDs may be an understandable
compromise since that could have more of country politics and ethics

>> Don't you think ICANN will also be able to perform the role of the DNSA
>> especially if it now has the enablement by law to do so?
>> I am saying this because I think the DNSA can just be a department within
> The whole point of this proposal is to separate the DNSA functions from
> ICANN, from Verisign and from USG - to make them the responsibility of a
> different organization. ICANN concentrates on its true mission, which is
> policy development. DNSA concentrates on its true mission, which is root
> zone management, maintenance and operation. Both do a better job as a result
> of the specialization. Both are more accountable as a result of the division
> of responsibility (checks and balances).
Thanks for the summary of the set of goals as i had thought there was
just a single goal which is to separate ICANN from USG (and VeriSign).

> By the way, ICANN has no authorization by law to perform the root zone
> management functions. It has a contract with the USG, but the USG could give
> that contract to others.
Well a contract is bounding until it is made otherwise, so that in its
sense is a legal rights for ICANN (till it lasts :) )



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